March 9th, 2010-Sriracha & Beans!

Sriracha & Beans

Sriracha & home-made refried beans!

So recently my wife has been reading some books that talk about plastic #7, or BPA, which is apparently one of the big causes of obesity in Americans. BPA lines all of our canned goods, so we decided to make our own refried beans.

First off, now I’m spoiled to home-made beans, these particular ones have jalapeno, onion, & garlic in them, and second off, I decided to see if Sriracha would improve the flavors.

It did, in a way. I think the reason why hot sauces generally taste amazing on beans is because of the tomato base (depending on your sauce, I’m thinking more of a Salsa kind), which in our delicious chili paste, there is none, and sadly, didn’t do much to improve on the already delicious flavors.

It’s not bad, but it’s not great. Onto the next meal!


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